A successful 5 days of little or less daily social media, more offline time, reading at least one post of everyone who has liked and/or commented on mine, not taking photos at all ..

What a life.. ☺️

How have these 5 days been for you .. anything new/renewed/sustained you did ..


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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

14 thoughts on “#17”

  1. Great to know you were successful in your endeavour! I have went on a movie watching spree starting with charlie and by the looks of it, is going to continue over the weekend! movies from 5 different languages and counting 😀


      1. Malayalam- Charlie; Tamil- Alaipayuthey; Marathi-Faster Fene; English-Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind; Hindi-Mukkabaaz! Jatt & Juliet (Punjabi) is up next.. 🙂
        I started watching movies on the go while travelling to my college and the peak hour’s rush often drowns out the dailogues 😦
        That is when I resorted to turning on the captions and eventually got the hang of it.. 😀

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  2. So it’s a success till now!! Great 👍
    I was busy in some renovation work at home then a long long train journey and then sick for rest of days…sums up for me!


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