How did I realise it was Valentine’s day yesterday ..

  1. Police stood guard outside the cafes decorated with heart shaped deck and balloons
  2. Many many many wearing bright red clothes
  3. Couples in red (again) riding those brightly lit horse driven open silver carriages
  4. The balloonman outside the gate had only heart shaped balloons
  5. Unusually crowded lakeside, too many selfies taken at every part of the road

Which brings me to the question what is love.. we have all grown up with an idea of love, being loved, loving somebody, in love, out of love …

What’s your take on love.. is love also trust?


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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

15 thoughts on “#15”

      1. Yes this is just a joke πŸ˜‚
        Maharashtrians are the most romantic people in India ………u don’t believe..??? This is what they say most of the time…love kar ye…love kar jaa….love kar kha….love kar bas….love kar uth….love kar zhop…..!!!

        Lovekar forward karaπŸ˜…πŸ˜…

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  1. Valentine’s day is nothing but a very good marketed day.. which has suddenly become so overhyped and a big commerical success .. i totally agree with the above comment…

    Although it is a pity that for the rest of 364 days it seems to vanish ..


    1. (most) People, or most of us rather have become so superficial, we need dates & days to remember people exist!! Can’t any day be friendship day when we can dial and talk! Rather wait for some Saturday in August, likewise with this Vday!


      1. True what you have said… sadly that is what the world is coming to.

        Gone are thise days..

        I got a picture today on whatsapp a quote which said these days you dont habe to call or talk to someone to know they are alive.. check if they are online… does the trick..


  2. Really? Was that the scene outside?!!
    Love is that feeling which alters you…which changes your perception…sometimes even the deep rooted philosophies and thinking is washed away when you are in love…when the other person is what matters most and that person’s happiness and pain becomes your…when you feel incomplete in the absence of that person…when your world brightens up just with the thought of that person … when your thoughts are tied to that person…when you overlook all the flaws and accept as it is..when even the flaws look beautiful…when your heart is constantly overflowing with emotions and mind feels high on happiness….even small things you notice and appreciate the beauty of it…when you feel continuously contented…when nothing rustles your feathers except the time gap since you didnt hear from or talk to that person… when you are waiting whole day just to hear from that person…When you want to spend your whole life absorbed in the company of that one person ….and all these cant be tied to just a day!….It’s a daily process…!!

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