#flavoursometuesday – the goan pork vindaloo

#flavoursometuesday – the goan pork vindaloo. Every kid’s taste buds are formed at their parents’ kitchen. Most often, the mother.



Therefore we grow up to judge taste using her dishes as the reference point, whether the mother cooks well or not. I’m fortunate to have an excellent cook in my mother and father. Have been spoiled crazy with food all my life .. 😊



This vindaloo is a family favourite. One of those just yummy yum, out of the world tasty dishes on the plate from MJ’s kitchen..
#vindaloo #porkdishes #mothersoffoodies #foodiesofinstagram #tasty #foodgasm.
#igers #taste #foodieforlife


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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

19 thoughts on “#flavoursometuesday – the goan pork vindaloo”

  1. Thanks for joining in but could you link up on the linky? That way I’ll know if my Linky works or not ( you know I am technochallenged and land up doing things more by chance than design) While I personally don’t love Pork Vindaloo , I could smell the spices come right out your picture. Part of your birthday plans fellow Aquarian?

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  2. Hi Ash!
    This week seems to be celebrating Mother’s cooking at #flavoursometuesdays! I too shared a kachori recipe my mum prepared for me to remind me of school days…a canteen favourite from days gone by!
    Aren’t we lucky? 😛


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