The blood moon!

How many of us saw the moon tonight .. /last night, the night that just passed..

I’ve always been attracted to the stars in the skies. Was it in class 3, we had constellations as part of our science textbook? I’m not sure now.. but I remember Orion, the big and small Dipper very clearly from a long time ago in school, often looked up to the sky to spot them .. after that .. wherever I’ve gone, I’ve found people (who later became friendly and a few close friends) who were equally interested in star gazing.. the stars slowly gave way to eclipses.. and today it has come to this bluemoon-supermoon-totallunar eclipse-thebloodmoon in the sky …

It has been a wonderful ride so far.. spotting the red moon that looked very similar to Mars in the sky… Interacting with people who are excited about it the same way I am…

Today I met a couple of people who were also gazing at the moon, such as, this older gentlemen. He assumed I was a Maharashtrian Brahmin, waiting in my pyjammas/house clothes to see when the moon turned fully white, run up to take a bath and begin my dinner..

What I didn’t tell him is I already had my dinner .. at around 6.30/7 pm, and was there only to watch this spectacle.. but between watching the moon and texting my moon gazing interested people on my contact list, I had the opportunity to talk to, share smiles with, say wow, and participate in the wonder a few others saw in the moon tonight. I don’t know whether we’ll meet again, but for tonight the moon up in the sky and waiting for it to turn from red to white was our conversation starter..

How did you spend your evening then ..


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