I thought I’d share a thought for the next few days like a regime! May be I could share a thought and a picture … (Let’s see about the latter, later)

Here goes..

When I realise I’m growing lazy or that I don’t do what I am supposed to do, I begin to list- all kinds of lists, not just to do ones. But I tend to list everything I did in a day or in the first hour after I wake up, for instance, to account for where I was, what I did, where I focused my energies on – to keep track of how 60 minutes went by.

And it does wonders, because I always find something I do which I never realised I did like a habit.. for instance, I realised this morning, one of the two things I do after I wake up is #1 open the windows and #2 keep the kettle to boil without fail before I shut the door to the world around me to peacefully sit on the pot 😉






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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

9 thoughts on “#1”

        1. Hehe! You can list your day dreams as well.. I initially started recording food I ate, then added the people I ate it with, gradually added snippets of the conversation in the table during meals! Reading all that after a month or so was amusing .. ☺️

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