Tea …

I’m not your regular tea person. Nevertheless, on some days I love to have a cuppa. Like tonight .. in fact the whole day, I was sipping my tea, mixed with the juice of a lemon, honey ..

It has been cold around here, the sun has been shy.. the tea kept me warm..


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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

8 thoughts on “Tea …”

  1. You enjoy these mundane stuffs..dont you? I mean making a tea is so mundane that we all will sleepwalk through the process anytime…
    This celebrating the mundane reminds me Virginia Wolf (i think)!!

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    1. I’m always felt that we (human race) don’t give importance to the mundane, when mlthe mundane is what brings us all the joys and surprises..

      You can sleep walk through the process of making tea . ☺️☺️

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