Habits ..

I appreciate the fact that a handful of people take time out to read the post & make comments… In the same way, (may be not so same) others send a personalized morning message to my WhatsApp #

Unlike the trend these days of sending innuermerable forwards to WhatsApp groups recieved from elsewhere, these little morning messages are beautiful. I like that a few people take time out and send these.. and also come back to inquire if all is good if they don’t see me online and posting.. happened to you as well.. I can see you nod yeah! 😊

that happens even on other social media platforms.

That message that pops up, “where are you, all good?”

when people you see daily are not visible ..


When people who are not family or friends become daily habits.., these people we see on a commute and not talk to, people we scroll in our timeline and feed, that is what I was getting to ..

When people become habits ..

Good day all


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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

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