Another book I read recently! #exitwest 

There are two reasons for today’s post. Two shout-outs! 

#1 my secret (blogger) santa sent me a book I wanted to read, it surprised me to no end that I was muted in my response in suprise and joy ☺️

#2 these set of comments ..

I love discussions on books and sharing reading experience. I’m happy a blogger bought a book I wrote about, happier still that they came back to share their reading experience. 🙂

Exit West has lovely lines, lines I fell in love with, and have read many times over since I finished the book

“I think it’s personal. Each of us has his own way. Or … Her own way. Nobody is perfect. And in any case -” she interrupted him. “I don’t pray,’ she said.

The plot is set in a war ridden, violent urban space, in fact, it is set in many war ridden violent urban spaces across the world .. war, refugees, migration, survival .. 

One’s relationship to windows now changed in the city. A window was the border through which death was possibly most likely to come. Windows could not stop even the most flagging round of ammunition; any spot indoors with a view of the outside was a spot potentially in the crossfire.

but the narration is intertwined with magic.

the effect doors has on people altered as well. Rumours had begun to circulate of doors that could take you elsewhere, often to places far away…Some people claimed to know people who knew people who had been through such doors. A normal door they said would become a special door, and it would happen without warning, to any door at all. Most people thought these rumours to be nonsense. But most people began to gaze at their own doors a little differently nonetheless…

I did gaze at my door to see if it led to another place, like 9 3/4 .. that said, the book drags a little here and there, I finished reading it is one sitting .. it kept me awake the whole night .. 

Ending the post with one of my fav images from this book .. 

…Saeed’s mother and father were both readers, and in different ways, debaters, and they were frequently to be seen in the early days of their romance meeting surreptitiously in the bookshops. Later after their marriage, they would while away their afternoons reading together in cafes and restaurants, or when the weather was suitable, on their balcony…


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