An Omlette Pizza #flavoursometuesday

I have a pizza hangover from a few nights ago .. 

Therefore I made a thin crusted impromptu omlette for breakfast (homemade, one of those spur of the moment ideas that whizzes by when you are making something, and an ingredient is nearby 😋)

and when it is about omlettes I need to repeat my omlette spelling story! 😂

I always get the spelling wrong, especially after staying in a hostel with a set of mess people who spelt it as omlet. I even went ahead and wrote that spelling for an exam to the horror of my prof ….Turns out, every student in class who attempted that question, wrote omlet .




because, omlets were our staple food, our saving grace in a hostel food menu for lunch 😂 my extra love for eggs begin with hostel life. Before that i could give it a pass. I never cared for eggs! 



Those are chicken sausages! 😉 if you were wondering! 

Bellybytes & Shilpa are the brains behind #flavoursometuesday, where all of us who love food post pictures and write a little note about a food memory. You are welcome to share yummy updates ..


8 thoughts on “An Omlette Pizza #flavoursometuesday”

  1. Hey Ash…that looks yummy! Am not a great fan of sausages, but your omlet 😛 does look delicious!
    I know, I too make that spelling mistake, often!

    Flaouvoursometuesdays has now been made a monthly affair – we will be doing it every first Tuesday of the month starting February. So, I will add this link to my post next month, if it’s okay with you. And, until then, you, my dear foodie, can write some more foodie posts and keep them ready for the coming months!

    See ya! ❤

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    1. Ah! You not a fan of sausages.. sacrilege sacrilege 😂😁😂😁 .. I adore then so much so that my mother thinks I’ll walk away with whoever offers me a packet 😂

      Monthly once eh! Wokays.. I was having a lot of fun.. the foodie updates will continue.. as you wish Shilpa. I’ll keep posting, you can pick the one that interests you ..😀

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  2. Great idea . Next time I feel like pizza I’ll whip up an omelette instead . Talking of spelling normally an ‘ette’ signifies a miniature version. So what is a miniature of ‘ omel’ ? 😉 has

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