The Bollywood #chef 

The Bollywood adaptation of the the Hollywood film Chef has all the ingredients of a successful romcom! But it fails because it seems all plastic and lifeless in spite of the verdant
arial shots, Padma Priya in a modern makeover (she looked good :)) [She had stunned me once earlier in her item song, was it in Amal Neerad’s Bachelor Party? (Will look up & confirm)]

Everything about Chef, starting with the RoshanK’s (Saif Ali Khan) fight with the critical customer, his rage, frustration, his Skype hour with his son, the father- son bonding.. the sarcasm of the Malayalee househelps, the impromtu song and dance from lungi wearing singer Raghu Dixit to discovering the Rotizza, the final chase, the bus… seems scenes kept for the sake of it! 

Even our ever so hot Milind Soman in a white Mundu didn’t make an impact (the man doesn’t know how to carry a mundu elegantly, he looked like a dhothi wrapped around a stick) 

 .. the stacato dialogue… 

You get it, I hope? No wonder it never ran for long after a very promising trailer. I had to rewind it thrice over as I fell as sleep each time I tried to watch it .. but I was curious to know how the transformation occurred, so I did stay awake to …
Verdict: Can give it a miss! A better time well spent would be to re-watch Jon Favreau carving out that portion of meat, and making that cheesy overload sandwich .. oooooooo! Yum. 

No such drool worthy moments here with Saif! (Disappointed) 


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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

4 thoughts on “The Bollywood #chef ”

    1. Hehe! I went to the theatre to watch his back to back films with Rani Mukherjee.. the one abt the pari & about him being a racer.. ! Stopped long ago.. I wait for them to appear on TV or somewhere else, to watch at my pace..


  1. As soon as I read it was a remake of the original – I decided not to watch it because I loved the original and didn’t want to spoil that!
    Then the reviews! Not one good review!

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