Ice cream rolls :#flavoursometuesday 

I’ve been drooling over the videos of ice cream rolls for a while now, shot in the streets of Thailand especially, ive been planning to go on a food trip to those parts just for this one dish and yes the rest of the street food. 

But out of the blue, I see them on a menu at the restaurant I’m sitting and I go wow

The final product didn’t interest me much, though I had a sizeable share of it… 

I was fascinated by the making of these rolls. The plate there is -25°C 

Though it looks like a cake walk, doing that is tough. He took about 15 minutes to make the rolls, 2-3 minutes to garnish and present dish, 10 minutes to get that plate running to that freezing temperature. 

Bellybytes & Shilpa are the brains behind #flavoursometuesday, where all of us who love food post pictures and write a little note about a food memory. You are welcome to share yummy updates ..


8 thoughts on “Ice cream rolls :#flavoursometuesday ”

  1. Ash, I too saw it some time back at our place, in New Mumbai, where I had been for an ice cream after dinner. It’s not very common, but yeah, it takes quite a lot of hard work to prepare one plate. I had chocolate ice cream prepared with Oreo biscuits, and it was yummy! 🙂

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