#2 The Bread Upma/Poha #everydayproject 

There are certain things my sibling makes and certain things I do, we rarely interchange or encroach. For instance, he has been helping MJ make the garam masala since school, and now when I need the recipe I ask him when the mother is not around. Or, the Shahi Paneer he learnt from a friend, is his trademark dish ..  or the Bread Upma/Poha. 

But today as he wasn’t around and there were two loaves of old bread lying around MJ asked me if I wanted to do something with them. I stepped in to try out the bread as an upma/poha 


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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

6 thoughts on “#2 The Bread Upma/Poha #everydayproject ”

    1. Yup. Was tasty ☺️

      Next time I’ll try it without soaking the bread, add it as is.

      How do you do it BB? I remember your comment about your mother’s yum Bread Poha on the other post.


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