#deliciousdecember #flavoursometuesday 

There was fondue fountain, white chocolate on one side, and milk chocolate on the other, and marshmallows beside … 

But then, we ate one too many marshmallows, we had a lot of chocolate left.. what did we do. We found the Christmas Cake at the next table  …

We sliced those .. they were too heavy for the marshmallow sticks 

so we placed the plate of cake directly below the flowing chocolate fountains  .. viola .. 

Bellybytes & Shilpa are the brains behind #flavoursometuesday, where all of us who love food post pictures and write a little note about a food memory. You are welcome to share yummy updates ..

#deliciousdecember is something I started to get back to the blog, post a few pictures to revive it 

Happy new year then everyone, be more creative, and happy. 

Laughs & love, Pins 


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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

12 thoughts on “#deliciousdecember #flavoursometuesday ”

  1. OMG unbelievably sinful. My computer was playing up through Christmas and New Year and only just got to see this. Thank God I did it now else I’d have gone and stuck my head under a chocolate fountain myself! I’ve decided to give up eating sweets this year so will have to depend on such vicarious pleasures…..Happy New Year

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