Sending a piece of cake your way! #deliciousdecember 

What is Christmas without baking a cake! So here comes mine, a chocolate cake with organges, soaked in half bottle of brandy! With an icing of whipped cream. #flavoursometueaday! 

Merry Christmas again

 Bellybytes & Shilpa are the brains behind #flavoursometuesday, where all of us who love food post pictures and write a little note about a food memory. You are welcome to share yummy updates ..


16 thoughts on “Sending a piece of cake your way! #deliciousdecember ”

        1. Shilpa, it is a simple chocolate sponge cake – 250gm of sugar, butter, flour + cocoa powder, 5 eggs (50gms an egg). Took the cake out and poured a pint of brandy into it, covered it with whipped cream … added the bottles of liquor chocolate lying around as embellishments ..

          Happy new year Shilpa.. this is one think I can do even in sleep.. the rest you’ll have to tell me recipes.

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          1. Oh, okay. At the risk of sounding boastful, I am quite a pro at baking a chocolate cake. It’s the part where we have to use brandy and stuff…is what I am not so sure of.

            But, thanks so much! That’s so sweet of you!

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          2. wow that really is the work of a genius. Beats the one month to go before Christmas cake that people slave over….. will definitely try this one ( though I’ve given up eating sweets) and serve it as a boozy dessert cake sometime this year

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