At the end of the day, there she stands, she has advice she says from friends of ours

Friends, I ask? Who could they be. Friends don’t advice… they come slap you for being blue. She doesn’t get it, does she? I try in vein, ninety nine times! I’m tired.

She’ll never get it, never ever will, even if I drum it into her in hypnosis. I’m amazed at how patient we are with each other,

She with me, and me with her. Our dislike has no more frequency. The signals fail to register in waves. We were friends until a while

Ago, long ago when the world was pleasant, hopes were high, before life was a teacher of life. She went her away, so did I, never to meet in any waves’ length. But here we are again

At it to teach each other, newer lessons gone cold! How I hate myself in this moment, sitting across being that fake friend I am to her now. 


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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

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