#flavoursometuesday : the bread upma

The last time I was home, I wanted to make rava (#semolina) upma like the mother does. Hers turns out to be powdery type instead of the sticky-wetish the dad prepares. I’ve been trying to figure out how she makes it for a time now, but am never awake to watch! So one morning I asked her to teach me.. she instructed me to do the regular stuff I do for an upma, then to call her towards the end of the making.. but .




however much I added the rava, the upma turned out to be stickier than usual! I tasted it to find out it wasn’t rava at all I had added but the bread crumbs mix placed right next to it.😂😂😂




Don’t ask! Didn’t even tell the father what was in his plate until he tasted and began to lol! We all had a good laugh over it ..


Bellybytes & Shilpa are the brains behind #flavoursometuesday, where all of us who love food post pictures and write a little note about a food memory. You are welcome to share yummy updates .. 😋


11 thoughts on “#flavoursometuesday : the bread upma”

      1. Oh. We obviously have different recipes. I dry roast the upma before the tempering…. then make the tempering, add the water and bring to the boil. Then I add in my roasted rava , lower the heat and allow to cook with a cover…..


  1. That was quite an amusing anecdote, P&A!
    I always try to get the stickier upma, but it dries out as it cools down. I so love the typical south Indian style upma, that’s so soft and yummy!

    Thank you for the FT post! Keep ’em coming! 😀

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    1. As my parents come from two different parts of Kerala, they come with different cooking styles… This was the first time I got to see her make the powdery upma which was always a puzzle to me ☺️ as opposed to the commonly made sticker one..

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