#deliciousdecember 5/12

Lunch today is a quick buy of curd rice and chilli chicken, one of my favourite combinations. It goes into my list of comfy food when #ockhi is blowing winds and rains this side of town, the sun is hidden behind the layers of clouds, and the fan is too lazy to turn for it also feels the chill in the weather

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carefree aquarius sounds redundant, but true!

13 thoughts on “#deliciousdecember 5/12”

      1. There’s no link really you can ping me and I’ll share it … this is actually an initiative started by me but in my typical Aquarian fashion have just jumped into it without knowing how to swim. Perhaps I should make a Linky or something ? It all depends on the response I’m getting . Don’t want to have a party when no one shows up

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