One of those nights ..  

One of those nights when I’m feeling quite talkative, you know the words are brimming around my brain, so much so that I can’t control the outflow, and how much ever I try to stop them, they are trying to run over the obstacle and make their way out.. that kind of an evening tonight .. 

Could be the weather, it is cold, I’m huddled in my fav hoodie, listening to my fav songs shutting out all the noise from outside .. 

Could be the beginning of December, I’m always excited about this month as Christmas is around the corner..

Could be that everything is finally falling into place and I’m in an extremely happy state of mind ..

Could be that it is going to be a year for a maiden celebration from last year…

Could be that holiday of the last weekend with friends who are my closest ..

Could be that a friend has found his girl and is entering matrimony ..

Could be newer friends made .. 

Could be the trip planned for tomorrow .. 

Could be the random pictures of the breakfast that came out well this morning .. 

Could be the pile of books sitting on the floor for me to delve into . 

Could be that my friends are safe where ever they are in spite of brewing cyclone in the southern states ..  

Could be any one of those reasons or more .. 

A zing to my step.. a tune on my lips.. 

I’m brimming over with words today, and unable to put them down, or point a finger at what is … 

Be happy for me, as I am always happy for you 


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