Kartography, Karting in Karachi ;)

#Homefire is set to be released. It is on the long list for the booker this year, the one book that got me into Kamila Shamsie.. all best

Vaayadi Pennu

The title is an invitation, so is the book cover and what more to catch my interest – the blurb said it’s about two friends, their journey from the cradle (not to the grave yet)… but well into their adult years… the story of Raheen (Ra) and Kareem (Cream) and their families: the relationships between fathers and sons, fathers and daughters, between best friends, a group of friends, not-so friends and acquaintance.

The novel is about maps, mapping a city, finding the different streets, the little known or unknown.. remembering a city by the maps we have in our mind from long ago and then make a profession out of if – Cartography with K is all about life in Karachi. I remember a conversation with a blog friend, about how she and her sister residing in different cities now, sometimes, map the streets they grew up in as…

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