Sun’s Day Tales..

I wake up to see this little girl, white tee, blue shorts, her hair held back in two pony tails to either side, all of 5-6 on her window sill. She has her legs out towards the grill, dangling, playing with her red and white polka dotted balloon. When I walk towards the window to see her better, across the courtyard there is, a little boy, and another little girl on opposite window sills. Talk of cross communication, across the yard..

Bombay windows have these metal cages protruding outwards. They work as storage spaces but mostly are used to tie cloth lines and dry clothes. They even work as passageways, from one room to the next when they are interlinked – outdoor tunnels πŸ˜‚ In one of the houses, I used to stay before, I used to step into this grill space and sit down there to read. From 7 floors high, the world below, across and above had a different charm. Nobody would even know I’d be sitting there, with a book, at times looking at the world, waiting for the sun to rise, with a cup of coffee.. Looking at the squirrels do tightwire stunts over electric cables or watch pigeons sleeping.. All those memories flooded in as I saw these imps pow wow today, as I woke up this morning.

As I type, they are out of their sill spots and in the yard, their balloons in hand, trying to make some game out of it. Childhood, there was a game, even in the way we snapped fingers or clapped hands, laughed out loud when the rain drizzled down.. There was even a first shoutout to whoever was completely drenched, or other days, a race to that dry spot first..

Sun’s day Tales..


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5 thoughts on “Sun’s Day Tales..”

    1. Appearances are many times deceptive. Like many Mumbai apartment complexes, dingy stairways, smallest of lifts but when the door is opened, it opens to a suite! (Never understood this about this city)


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