Some things are precious, could be people, could be thoughts, could be a dialogue, today I need to come to terms with the fact that my phone, my beloved partner of two years is dying.. What do i do, i let it live for a few more hours, it is like a desktop now.. Needs to be wired all the time, even when it connects to the wireless..

Am i heart broken? No, I’ve never been sentimental about anything as such, but it is a matter of habit, a habit of two years.. My entire life so to speak revolved around … Okay, I’m bordering on the dramatic. Is there any way to revive this thing..


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13 thoughts on “Precious!”

    1. Phone remains a desktop, even they have given up on it, the new phone needs some social networking apps on it, I had such a wonderful dual phone life for so many months 🙂


  1. Throw it out of the window 🤗😇
    My Asus Zenfone is in a similar condition. Haven’t let it go, but am using the Redmi nowadays. I miss the camera of the Zenfone though.

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  2. Congrats your phone has transformed itself into a landline. How cool is that!!!

    Everything we love leaves us one day. How very unpromising, depressing truth. 😢😢

    How have you been?


      1. I haven’t moved anywhere, to top that lost my one internship…….
        Life has already become a plot for a blockbuster coming of age movie, bas ek ladki ki kami hai…….

        Nothing new??


          1. Ooow you wrote that word for me *bildungsroman* you’re not that lazy it seems……..

            Ab ni chahiye pta hai, ek point ke baad insaan thoda sagacious ho jata hai.


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