How difficult is it to make friends?

How difficult is it to make friends?


Friends like they often quote in proverbs don’t fall out of the sky .. Or walk into our lives while we are standing lonely as a cloud somewhere in the middle of a road, stranded.. Friends may not, strangers may, and many times, these strangers begin to become the people of our lives.. Are they friends..? It is a niggling doubt.

Ive always had people around me, wherever I’ve been.. To go out for tea at 3 in the morning, or to cajole somebody to watch that stupid film in a theatre, or share my breakfast with at the mess table.. I’ve never been devoid of people in my life. But will all of them stand by me thru thick and thin.. I’m not sure. Those kind of friends I feel are one of book legends…and one need not always expect too that somebody will.. Because circumstances change, and they make people change, which brings changes to what being friends are..

But, that guatantee that you’ll be there, stays.. Forge such bonds… Now that I think is what these proverbs mean.


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11 thoughts on “How difficult is it to make friends?”

  1. True true.. gone are those days.. like you I habe always been with so many good friends when I was back in india.. since I came to UK.. yes I know a lot of people but I can’t say I have friends here..

    People have become very materialistic and there is always that thought what’s in for me..

    Made me emotional.. my kind of post I have written on this so many times.


    1. I think the best is to be ourselves and move on. I always believe they’ll be somebody, at least one, in an hour of need. They can be anyone.. Expecting people to be there, may be a little too much.. But that’s just human.


  2. Yes true. I have loved long enough now here in UK so got used to the idea.. and when I am really down or need a change I come to india for a few days and reenergise myself 😁😁😁

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