Jagga Jasoos, an afterthought! 

Now that it has been a few hours after the fiasco that is Jagga Jasoos, let me get to the nice part..  

It has the makings of a cartoon and comicbook and game series ..may be that’s where their money is going to come from. Jagga Jasoos will profit in print or TV screen in mini 30-45 minute episodes…
1. The shots from around the world, is a saving grace! The sun rise from behind that lone tree superb 😎. The national geographic and animal planet kinds.. Those, are beautiful anybday anywhere inserted. Vfx is bad! That giraafe that walks across the screen.. uff!!

2. There is a freshness to the film, freshness it terms of approach, and again the green backdrop, literally .. There is this children’s book like innocent joy about its story. In loved the clocktower case, the first case … 

3. My personal fav, Bob Biswas from Kahaani is here and he does a wonderful job at it. 

4. The local dances and rhythms of the northeast. Now that is something new isn’t it not! Yes. …

All of it, the Broadway musical element, comicbook element, (he has a hairstyle like tintin), the scene with the plane is right out of a comicbook panel.. The choreography, the dances from Assam and Mizoram, the the innocencce would have worked if it had a plot. 





I’m grateful to folks of mine, who were awake that hour to talk to me, to distract me from what was going on screen. I’ve chosen my friends well. 😎😎 thats a wrap. I was so disoriented that I had to come back and brew some extra strong coffee.. Even though I walked out of the theatre mid way. 

Children may like it if they like song and dance. And it also has children in it performing.. A mix of barfi, the hostel games in three idiots.. Some of feluda, some of tintin, some of ng.. Hope it had dollops of story that put it all together! 

Not recommended for sanity sake.. 


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