Jagga boring Jasoos

I just can’t begin to tell you how boring the film jagga jasoos is. So boring, I want a distraction from what’s on the screen, that i resort to write about it and vent it out on my blog. That boring, that bad! 

Now, I walked into the trap knowingly. Don’t roll your eyes at me. (After a long day, when the brain is dead tired, a film with friends is a good option, what if it is Jagga.. Spidey, homecoming and Mom had excellent reviews, they turned out to be bad. Jaggas has bad reviews, the optimist in us said, should be good.. 

 (Right now on screen there is a zebra and then a leopard) I’m so bored, my friends are so bored… I/we just don’t know what to do. Walked out of interval, sang all along the food places, and even sang yo the ice cream man who didn’t understand the joke … (Obviously, he has been busy selling his ice creams, he doesn’t know) … That’s one thing you’ll all do… You’ll stop conversation and begin singing in turn. 

At this hour when most of my friends are either asleep or out to work,.I wonder what to do for some entertainment … I haven’t been so bored and hopelessly helpless in my life.. I thought I’ll blog my review as I watch the film, because one of my friends wint budge until he spots that ostrich.. The other has fallen asleep in the chill that is inside the hall.. The rest of us crib.. I have become tired looking at the faces of the audience, they all seem so engrossed! (Introspection: is something wrong with me or this group of us) 

What all we do for friends. Now I know why the film was made. It was made for friends’ sake, for friendship – ranbir for anurag basu for Katrina for Siddhartha Roy kapoor…for anybody else who believed in this make big long draggging ambitious project and shot for 31/2 years… 

We spotted the ostrich, woken up the friend and off we go…out of the hall. Who cares who the sooper villain is.. !  


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9 thoughts on “Jagga boring Jasoos”

  1. Btw was this your first walk out?
    I too have had to walk out from a couple of MASS TAMIL MOVIES earlier!!
    And I decided later that Staying home was far better than walking out midway!!


          1. HaHaHaHa!
            കുഞ്ഞിക്ക Fans kelkkanda!
            They will come defending it!!
            Oru Mexican Aparatha was corrupting history!
            I dont blame you….I guess I too wouldve done the same!!

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              1. I heard you loose interest just minutes into the movie! I am referring to that unnecessary remake of the classic Balikuderangale! And isnt Jagga Jasoos a musical? I mean the hero sings to overcome stammer and others sing along?


                1. It is like a between bad and the worse, what do you choose… Musical yes. Some lyrics and songs don’t sync. The first case is solved in this tell tale music format..but it is so long that, I lost interest in the story itself.

                  I think basu stopped making more of the movie because the producer in ranbir would have said, no more money boss, let’s wrap up!

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