Vada & Pav

Breakfast or rather brunch was a plate of vada pav, pitla and green chilli chutney. The coarsely ground green chillies soaked in oil was still ridden with their intense heat, I had to borrow a bottle of their homemade lemon juice. They came in these little cute milk bottles, I bought a second bottle out of bottle love.. no it was not a takeaway, I had to give it back to them. 

I didn’t take the phone with me today, so no pictures of the vada, or the pav or the combination of light and deep friend golden brown brown, on yellow and dark green served on a dusky green leaf and paper plate. 

One of those Sundays when I walked out of home without the phone. No pockets, no sling bags, no totes… Therefore no place to keep the phone, and then it was almost raining. I can give n number of reasons but I feel so easy at heart when the data is off with the phone in hand, and easier when the phone isn’t around me at all.
But that said, I had some yum food this morning. Memory etched.


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pins & ashes

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6 thoughts on “Vada & Pav”

  1. Life can be lovely without a phone tooo.. I think with a phone in hand we sometimes lose the real beauty tooo as we waste time taking pics etc etc.. rather than concentrate on the food the aroma of it and the taste of jt..

    I think we shud have a day in week without the phone..

    And yes put this too on the list I am on way….

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