Chai & Biscuit

On a rainy day, when it pours like there is no tomorrow, the roads flooded, sitting in a cosy corner, an engaging conversation, and a cup of piping hot tea.. this time Irani chai … 

(I’m not your regular chai person, I love my cups of coffee more. But I drink tea, I’m not choosy that way.☺☺) 

But the highlight was the biscuit that came with it. That’s the combo they serve at soda bottle opener wala. It was that tasty I asked for a second one, flicked a third from my friend’s saucer ..and parcelled about 200gms to go home and relish .. 😂😂

Nankhatai, that’s what they are called. One of the best I’ve had in recent times. 


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

26 thoughts on “Chai & Biscuit”

        1. As I said, I don’t write about everything I watch. I’m not the GoT fan yet. This would be the first episode I loved watching, so much so that I downloaded all of season one, and also restarted re-reading the first book. Let’s see how it goes ..

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