Ramante Edenthottum – talking points 

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I looked forward to this film Raamante Eden thottum, (ram’s eden garden). It does have a ideal, happy, idyllic kind of ring to it, and that’s what the film alson wants to portray. Ram’s Eden is somewhere up in the hills, away from civilization, away from mobile phone networks, amidst lush green forests, taller trees, migratory and native birds, their nests, echoing mountains.. Wooden houses, camp fires, that chill in the morning that requires a shawl for a drape…where the heart yearns to sing … covered with mist, clean air.. It does sound like an ideal get away from the nosiy, polluted, rushed city life many people lead … 

Eden and its peoole have their own pace, peace and spaces.. 

Into this eden, walks in our protagonist, Malini. She is already a wife and a mother to a 6-7 year old.. She lost her paretns while she qas younger, no siblings, rhe nearest living kin is her grandmother who got her married when she just finished her college (i think). She was marrues young ia what i wanted to emphasise. Homemaker, who does not work outside home, one of those dreamy kind of people, sensitive to the rays of the moon, enjoys the sunlight, looks up from her book when the wind blows in through the windows.. married to a man who has no place of any such thoughts. She is intellectually and emotionally isolated. Sounds like a position any of us can be in a relationship … 

Then she meets Ram at Eden, and like a handful of people who enjoy life at their own pace, he recognizes her need to explore the world and introspect herself. He and she bond very quickly, and they begin a friendship, they inspire and motivate each other, put ideas into each others head.. And also work towards those ideas, and make them happen. We all need such motivators in our life, especially when our stock of motivation for ourselves is buried .. 

Obviously, as an audience I thought this may lead to a romance.. It had all the makings of an extra marital – finding the soulmate kind of masala 😊..  I can’t blame myself as well, because I can list a number of films where the plot goes in that direction. Nevertheless … The moment passes! (Oh yes! There were moments). But the film ends on a note of self realization, one’s potential, the extent here, the protaginist can go.. And this is in direct contrast with the general perceptions of the society. The husband played by Joju, a failed man, husband and filmmaker is an embodiment of that.. 

To be continued.. 


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