mom (2017) 

The film goes into the interval saying the oft quoted mother’s day lines, god couldn’t be everywhere, therefore he created mothers. How cliched can a film get! We should have a cliché meter or some such for these kind of films. 

It is a collage of many films, coupled with bad acting, unwanted drama and a pace that made me get up as soon as it said end and run out of the theatre. (If any of you have watched a film with me, you’d know I’m the last one out of the theatre after all the credits have rolled up, applies to films other than Marvel too). Sridevi of English Vinglish is nowhere to be seen, instead we have an actor who is constipated! … Even if one argues, the film is about the sentiments of a mom, even that needs to be presented .. Unfortunately, no. 

As always I love the way justice is meted out to people who slip away from the law as a result of money, influence et al. That was fun to watch otherwise, they try to show a lot, but fail to present it in a manner that is compelling to be anywhere near serious. I didn’t laugh out loud initially because of courtesy, but there were tears rolling down my cheeks because of all that laughter I suppressed even in the most serious of scenes..

Nawazuddin looks different, at times when he did that gimmick with his tongues I thought he resembled a character from xmen! 

Summing up: Clichéd, dramatic and predictable, lousy acting. The plus point, people now will head to Georgia the landscape is outstandingly beautiful! 


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12 thoughts on “mom (2017) ”

  1. Maatr earlier and Mom later!
    Both see ordinary moms doing things extraordinary which is quiet hard to swallow!
    I heavily recommend you the Korean movie Mother!
    Both are entirely different but both deals with Mothers and their desperation!
    The 2009 Korean flick deals with an ordinary Mother’s struggle to prove that his mentally unstable son is not guilty of gruesome crime! And is far more realistic than Saira Banu! And as always its another amazing Korean Movie! Amazing movie because of the realistic treatment and the thrills!! Heavily recommended!!
    I hope you have watched “The Wailing”!

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    1. It is not about ordinary mom doing extraordinary things. In a given situation anybody would do certain things superhumanly and out of their character spectre if they hit the nellipalaka! But here, the way they have presented all this … Too much hype and hollow!

      You are Korean film house storem


      1. Yeah! The treatment makes you think it is rather hollow! This is where most of the Korean flicks differ! They go for a more realistic treatment which makes many movies classics! Many movies have ambiguous endings, multiple interpretations, and multiple twists and turns without letting loose the cryptic! Now a viewer like you or me, when we go watch their movies, we will be shocked and confused because our mainstream movie watching provides all clues through visuals or dialogues, doesnt promote independt thinking and will always have a all is well ending for the majority of movies! You will be startled by the amount of darkness, evil deceit and intrigue they bring to the table but will enjoy it!
        No not really….I have watched only say 20 or so movies and I cant stop recommending them to others…..I am like that excited Vettukili Prakashan who acted in Thodimuthalum here!!


                  1. Ah….Yes….It was a collective effort…
                    Was really impressed by Appani Ravi!
                    Especially that explosive “Nee Wholesale um nadathilla….” Wow! Then the guy who makes bomb for them? Funny! Lichi breaks all the streotypes surrounding women. In that way yes she was a breath of fresh air…..But as you said, it is a collective effort!


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