Ramante Edenthottam (2017)

I’m a big time Kunchacko Boban fan.. And these days, I love this actor more for all the delicious roles he takes up, like in this one.. (I have a tiff with TakeOff, so let’s keep that aside and talk about Ram in this film). But the highlight of this film is Joju not Ram. Joju George, he plays the role of the husband and a film producer here… And i’d like to dwell on how he has become a face in Malayalam cinema in the last 2-3 years. Did you know he was the bodyguard/blackcat to the governor in Dadasaheb (1997/98) on the stage in the last scenes?… and part of the investigation team in Nadiya Kollapetta Raathriyil and Detective (2007/8)? I didn’t. Once we notice a face, then we zoom in on that face in every other film.. I was surprised to see him as long ago as in Dadasaheb. I happened to watch a couple of these films after raamante .. And there he was always acting .. 

Coming back to the film, one of the best things I liked about this film is a dialogue between the husband-wife couple about forgiveness… When the husband says, I’m ready to forgive you for everything you did, the wife quips, but why should you forgive me? it was all in your head.. And it was true.. 

There is a drag. It overloads on I want to disappear into nature theme, let’s leave the cities and walk through the hills.. But personally speaking, I love the urban space, I can go on a week/month long vacation to a hill top, trek, climb hills, watch the snow, sit down romanticising nature, so on and so forth, but I love the hustle and bustle of the the city life .. That’s home. But all in all, I’ve waited for this film, and it delivered. 

The female lead was earlier seen in Oru Indian Pranayakadha. She was the young Dr Tulsi, mother of the character Amala Paul plays.. 


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