Godha (2017)

Watch Godha. Well conceived and executed. Since it is released at the heels of Dangal, there may be similarities.. But godha tells the tale of a village invested in the game of wrestling. To accentuate the importance of the game, they bring in new gen’s fancy for playing & watching cricket.. The tiff they have with the old gen for conducting the tournament on a piece of land which was once the arena (godha) for wrestling.. There is a sacredness associated to wrestling here in this village. Ranji Panicker dons the role of a wrestler, and I’d say, I’m mighty impressed! I like him more as an actor than the scriptwriter he is .. 

There is nothing much to say in terms of story, a girl from Punjab interested in wrestling runs away to her friend’s village in Kerala… where she finds acceptance, and a similar passion she finds in the sport which her brother never had until … 

Godha is directed by Basil Joseph, stars Tovino Thomas, Ranji Panicker, Aju Varghese, Wamiqa Gabbi, Parvathy, Sreejith Ravi, … 


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