Book Review: B for Burglar Sue Grafton. 

This was an impulsive buy, because I loved the cards on the cover. I had absolutely no clue at the time that the writer, Sue Grafton, is into writing an alphabetic murder series, that this book I purchased was first published in 1985, and at the moment she is into her Yth novel in this series. Releases this August! 

I had bought the book, and I started reading, but I never progressed beyond a few pages.. the book remained at home .. So whenever I was home I used to take it up again, and read but then I’d leave it behind and forget all about it, until this time, I brought the book back with me and I finished it in 2 days flat. 

What’s the story about .. A woman comes to our Kinsey Millhone, she’s a private detective in Santa Teresa, California with a missing sister case. In the end, Kinsey does find out where the sister is, but the middle of the story is one big twist .. And I liked that twist. 😎

No, I’m not saying anything about it, because if I do, then what’s the deal about thrillers.. May get to all her stories in this alphabet series, I kinda like Kinsey .. 

 What am I reading next? I took one of my pet favourites – perry mason and then there is this book that says, best international thrillers… 

Cya.. Will get back hopefully with reviews .. I have this urge to start recording what I’m reading these days 😂😂😂 


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2 thoughts on “Book Review: B for Burglar Sue Grafton. ”

    1. Hey.. Long time. I read only detective and thrillers these days because I fins it easier to read unlike drama and other genres, when I need to do other readings for work .. 🙂 hope all things are good at your end

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