Mundhirivallikal Thalirkumbol (2017) 

A recent mohanlal-meena film directed by Jibu Jacob, is the story of standstill lives many married couple move towards when they reach their 15-16 year mark in a marriage. A relevant theme indeed, when couples get into a routine, which is not talked about as such, but the film is a drag… Here, for instance, lal’s character goes to office, comes back, his wife sends all them to office and school, and gets into her work at home ..same is the case with the other husbands and wives. Until the day, Lal and Meena change and begin to bring the spark back into their lives, the change is evident, people question, they are happy.. And then comes another set of problems. 

The film is long drawn … To get to the point! Patronising and very patriarchal … 


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2 thoughts on “Mundhirivallikal Thalirkumbol (2017) ”

  1. Yes I too found it very Patriarchal….

    Lal falls for Julie, learns that she is cheating like him, but meekly runs away from her upon realizing she had multiple affairs to get back to good ways….An average viewer will root for Lal thinking he redeemed himself…But a sin is still a sin whether you commit once or multiple times……They will look down upon Julie for having multiple affairs….but laugh out loud when Anoop Menon does the same because by the middle of the movie he is desensitized.

    Meena and Shrindha are too pious to commit adultery whereas their husbands can get in and out of their relationships in the blink of an eyelid….Pious women wont fall for plumbers, retired military men and god men….They wont be tempted to have casual flings with other men even if their husbands do….Because they are sexually docile, addicted to serials and live in their kitchens..Finally pious women will ask for apology from husbands for putting an end to the latter’s flings…..Pious women are so dumb while their scheming husbands are smart….They can veer away from marriage and come back when they discover some special qualities in their wives….

    I can go on and on and on…..

    Hope you are doing good….

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    1. It shows the mindset prevalent in a patriarchal society. Men being men, and women being women.. And some men and some women. Whatever.. Too long a drag for a film, they could have done a little less patronising, and got on with the theme!

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