Am I?

My chatter is mostly interspersed with potter phrases and charms, but I don’t even have a bookmark saying potter, nor glasses, nor any connected amulets.. collected to say I’m a crazy potter fan. Am I?

Ive connected and disconnected with people because we have potter sitting right between us… 

I have read all the books and a few of the sub books Rowling has written, watched all the films, re-read, re-watched.. And engaged in infinite potter conversations everywhere i’ve been, there has never been a better conversation starter. 

Now, my doubt is who is a fan? Or who is rather a trueblue fan? 

I guess we all are.. Who have loved and enjoyed, the books, lived in the imagined wizard world away from our muggle upbringing thinking we are witches and wizards. . making up our own charms, spells .. And making little Hogwarts wherever we go.. 

To 20 years of a reading gem! 


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23 thoughts on “Am I?”

            1. Snape for one, Prof Mcgonagall, dumbledore in parts, Luna.. there are many.. More than characters I love certains sequences they do, like McGonagall says I’d always wanted to use that spell.. Piertotum Locomotor, to bring to life all the armours and suits before the final battle ..

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                  1. 😂😂😂😂 Hermione did so right to her! She deserved it!
                    I promise I have never gritted my teeth so hard at a book character ever before… 😂😂😂
                    P.S. I have posted a movie review, would you liked to read it. You’ll love the movie! 😊😊😊

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  1. This is so relatable!!! Never owned any potter merchandise but always called myself a fan………

    I guess it’s in our mind……
    A belief that there is a 9 3/4 somewhere………


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