Sun’s day: what is thunder 

What is thunder … Is it the sun snoring away on his vacation or him farting because he had some meal, again during his monsoon vacation. Or is it somebody else trying to sing to wake up the sun while the rains have taken over or the brains are trying to muffle the bad singing by pouring non stop, cutting away the sound  … What is..

It has been bellowing from the skies since last night, almost like there is a war up there in the skies…  Like waves of sounds travelling from far away, throwing themselves at the shores of the skies.. Now that brings me to, where are the shores, I’m sure it is somewhere near my window …

Next question: what’s lightening .. 😁😎


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

19 thoughts on “Sun’s day: what is thunder ”

                    1. That’s the sun overdoing it.. That he now needs a long vacation to recuperate from all that hardworking he did (this is a conversation a friend and I had this morning…. :))

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