When I finally wrote about a book I read: The Vegetarian 

The Vegetarian came highly recommended but with a warning. And the warnings I must say rang true after the initial pages. Towards the end of the tale, I struggled to finish reading, because I started having dreams, I started to hyperventilate, I was troubled, I echoed the reticence the protagonist inhabited. 

There was an irritation in the tale and that irritation had an osmotic effect on my being as I started to live the tale, and was unable to get back to the book. 

It is a disturbing book. But disturbing thoughts will be the least of all concerns when the tale written so well penetrates and has stayed with me after a certain page these past few days. Now that is more disturbing than the thoughts  I don’t know how much longer they will stay.  (The last time I took breaks between a read and was compelled to read on was the Ice Candy Man.) 

The tale ends but it leaves behind many questions, however the recurring image is that of human dormant volcanoes which on a given day becomes active, there can be a lot of triggers like a dream, an incident on the street, a spark of an idea.. The problem with most of the people these days is many emotions are suppressed and packed tightly somewhere within them … They lay their dormant for a long time, but then one day when they explode .. Well…  the suppressed to the bone secretive emotions from as far away as childhood begin to peep out in sinister and depressing forms. 

I wouldn’t take it up for a re-read anytime soon, but there are a few beautiful sentences in it I’ll go back to often describing the moment verbatim. 

I usually keep away from booker winners because I find them unreadable. Plus I like happy tales like I am a happy person, I don’t like trauma and if at all it is traumatic I’d find a solution and come out of it… These traumatic, sittinf with such existential questions and circling it over and over again, however wonderfully written they are, which is the high point of winning books these days, is not my cup of tea. 


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14 thoughts on “When I finally wrote about a book I read: The Vegetarian ”

  1. Ah!! The Booker book, I had read about it………
    Disturbing?? Sounds interesting……
    A joke just crossed my mind
    Okay, this could be the worst joke,

    Plus this is vegetarian, I can suggest it to my veg friends as well, but hey is it without onion and garlic, coz I have one Jain friend…..

    Hahaha. Haha. Ha. Ouch!!!

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  2. Something about this write-up of yours made me order the book immediately. Yes, immediately. Perhaps, it took me back to the same emotions where I was neither here (in the present) or there (back to the story), if you get what I mean! 🙂


    1. I’m glad and not glad at the same time. Glad because somebody is reading a book because of what I wrote, not glad because you’ll also feel traumatic like I did. Please do read and get back..would love to know your take on it.


      1. I almost experienced all that you wrote. A lot of things troubled me. And I could not blame anyone, let it be her husband or her brother in law or even herself. Sigh. I will never learn.

        I was lazy to look for this post. Finally got out of my laziness. Hehehe

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