Water Romantics #throwbackthursday

There were 10 topics to choose from to write. I chose ‘water’ because it was raining outside that morning while the exam was on. I could feel sprays from the stray that hit the edge of the wall outside the window… splashing past me in a missed attempt to hit elsewhere. The rain wasn’t the only distraction, there were those questions printed on coloured paper. I sat wondering, who in their sane mind could be serious while writing answers on blue for the multiple choice, yellow for the short answers, and green for the essay! Plus the rain outside, I wrote gladly about water, and was taunted by my two friends who wrote the exam with me! I think I even quoted the nursery rhyme somewhere to elaborate on water, as rain! 🙂 The funnier part of all this is on the first day when Anna (she was to teach lesser known plays of Shakespeare and the culture of food) strode into class. Haughtily she inquired, who among us wrote on the topic of water for the exam when there was so many literary topics to choose from on criticism and social literary history. To our surprise and hers, 3/4 of the class of 18 had chosen water as their topic for the essay, and we were all here in this class, admitted 😀 😀 I don’t know remember whether she shook her head in exasperation, or in mirth.. but she had a bunch of water romantics in her class to deal with for the coming one semester and the next 2 years.

I was giving my entrance exams to get into the University that year, Like every year the exams were held in the middle week of June when Cochin city started to soak itself in the rains and enjoyed its wet days!


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6 thoughts on “Water Romantics #throwbackthursday”

      1. Looks like the rains got you!! Come on!! I am missing your posts! There is always something to say… even your pics which say a lot… remember when ‘you happened’ in between!! 😛

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