The li’l things in life.. an afterthought

I unlocked the door, threw my backpack to a side and hit the sack. I did not even bother to change the bed sheets or the pillow covers or mop the floor. The tiredness of the journey put me to sleep instantly and I woke up rested a few hours later..

It was then that all of it came into focus…… a ray of light, some browinian motion ……as if under a microscope, the layers of dust of a week sprang up to fill every inch of my room.. on the floor, over the table cloth, on the window sill, near the bed stand, over the stack of books, on my speakers… One tap to the curtains and it would emit a load of dust, I was sure..

How we take things for granted! How I took something as insignificant and daily as dust for granted for instance… I could and afford to because dust does not affect me in ways it affects some people’s nose, lungs and trachea, creating wheezing troubles and asthma or minor sneezing allergy bouts that can stall and interrupt our activities for a while. Makes me go in search for the other trivialities and trinkets taken for granted as well… that go unsung, that go unnoticed until yes, they start behaving differently! and we realize they exist!


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

8 thoughts on “The li’l things in life.. an afterthought”

              1. You are a morning person!! 👍 Yeah may sleep while reading blogs 😛 ….once im sure that it’s too late now to sleep then only i will fall asleep i know 😜


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