Thursday Tattles! 

The age old wisdom goes, if you sleep laughing you will wake up with happier thoughts, and I’m sure most of sane India & Indians slept heartily after googling peacock sex and laughing uncontrollably thinking about the celibate peacock, and woke up to excellent Thursdays this morning .. 

That’s a chocolate pound cake laced with some melted dark chocolate to add to the breakfast happiness. 

In malayalam we say, orthorthu chirikuka..(that old joke that brings on a smile…) That is my avastha (state of being), I’m tearing up laughing, thinking of the peacock tears! Pun intended!  


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

22 thoughts on “Thursday Tattles! ”

  1. For one time, sharma ji ka ladka got it wrong……
    And I was proudly telling this to my mum, and it all got really awkward…..

    Start up idea, peacock porn(animal porn, if I could get sufficient funds)
    Informative as well as entertaining


      1. Never seen cat’s one though!!!
        Do you think judge owns any of the peacock porn site and he said all this to increase the traffic.

        Damn!!! Sharma ji ka ladka outplayed us again while we are laughing at him

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