Rain Tales …

Arundhathi Roy made this regional rhyme “Paa para para perekka …” famous through her The God of Small Things. Two years later in 1999, director Badran introduced this song through Mohanlal in his film Olympian Anthony Adam. Remembered both of them when I saw the guvavas hanging from the tree this morning. (Perekka is the Malayalam name for the English Guava.)


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25 thoughts on “Rain Tales …”

    1. Do you have a favourite? Recently I came across a guava ice cream doc, pink guava icecream served with a sprinkle of salt and red chilli powder instantly bringing back memories of the freshly cut combo ..

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      1. I’ve never had a guava flavoured ice cream! But your ice cream does sound delicious.😍😍.
        I love the regular one, the red ones aren’t that sweet usually. Even I dont like the really ripened ones.

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  1. Guava and this pic!! Wow…makes me go back to my childhood. I grew up amongst​ two big guava trees in my garden!! Plucking guava fruits, hanging from the trees all day, analyzing the branches and leaves, eating rain-washed fruit directly from the tree…so many memories coming back now!! 😔


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