And it begins #mondaymusings

And it begins, this year’s monsoons. Raining, cooling, summer be gone. Be kind please, don’t harm our land and crops because we were prayering for it for so long  #monsoon #mondaymotivation #kerala #home #breakfromwork #rainvacation 


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

9 thoughts on “And it begins #mondaymusings”

  1. Wow….Hope you had a good stay….
    Its always a pleasure to go back to Kerala when it rains…
    I spent my early childhood in Kuttanadu, Alapuzha and really get nostalgic about those days! Would heavily recommend CHASING THE MONSOON by ALEXANDER FRATER. Try reading that and one of my small posts….Manasil Thatti ezhuthiya churukkam chila postukalil onnu
    Expecting you to upload more pictures!!


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