When the same discussions happens over again, and I have  pretty much the same things I said a few months ago… 

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  1. When I believe that WordPress will not fail me as I put together a post, but save the draft while my wifi is disconnected temporarily – Is that belief not trust?
  2. When I hire a cab/rickshaw to take me to the destination, is that faith in strangers and their vehicles, not trust?
  3. When the pani puri vendor who stands at the corner of the road gives me a plate of delicious street food,.is this habit of buying from the same vendor, not trust?
  4. When I sigh in relief as the mother board of my laptop does not crash after working non stop for 24 hours for days together, is warranty not trust?
  5. When the weather remains cloudy and does not rain until I have run my errands and reach home dry during the monsoons, this hope, not trust?
  6. When you suggest a book/movie to read/watch, are recommendation/review, not trust?
  7. When I ask someone a quick favourlike a meaning of a word or a word translation is the act of asking that question itself not trust?
  8. When I follow the directions a stranger on the road gave me, is asking for information, not trust..
  9. Is taking something/someone for granted also not trust?

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