On a walk ..

There was this cutie on the footpath. She had run away from her owner looking for some insect it seemed… One fluffy white ball of a pup. Then I met her, our eyes met and we smiled. We stood there watching the pup together, we were joined by others … A couple more … Irresistable… Then her owner found her, and got her back on her leash.  


Published by

pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

9 thoughts on “On a walk ..”

          1. Yeah….unless you have company, people go alone for walks and music keeps them company … Lots of generalisation here though…still surprised and happy atleast someone is away from the phone for once!! 👍👍👍 Different!! 👌

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            1. Ah that way! I like the sounds of the road. So I go without a phone or a walkman for my walks usually, unless I’ve seen something and I want to take a picture … The rest all go in as memories… Some appear here, some to a group of people who love to listen to my babble..

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