(I think) I’m in love

It has been a few hours, I’ve been thinking that it could be love, this what I am going through. The dreams, the desire, the wait, what else could it be… I’m re-reading the lines.. trying to remember the words, musing about it, I have that lost smile that pops up in the middle of other things.. I’m thinking back to that first flush, those giggly girlish way of going about things..  just may be I am lost in love with Adichie when she writes, “Princeton in summer, smelled of nothing … it is the lack of smell that most appealed to her, perhaps because the other American cities she knew smelled distinctly. Philadelphia had that musty scent of history. New Haven smelled of neglect. Baltimore of of brine, and Brooklyn of sun warmed garbage. But Princeton had no smell. She liked taking deep breaths here…” what is this if not love, if I have to even blog about it, and cannot contain my excitement. 

Coincidentally, the protagonist of the tale is also a blogger. From the time a friend passed on this book, I’ve been glued to it, sharing quotes to my interested & uninterested friends… reading sentences all over again! 

I’m kind of drunk in the readerly happiness….then a thought takes root..  what could Bombay smell of, would it be different from the way Mumbai smells.. just because they changed the name or is it just a habit that refuses to go away…

Inspired from my current read – Adichie’s Americanah (2013).

ps: in Malayalam, നാറ്റം/nattam (stink) is a bad smell, while  സുഗന്ധം/sughandham (Fragrance) is a good one.. what are the other words that qualify smell in the languages you speak, I would love to know..

PS I found a lot of traffic to this post I wrote sometime last year, yesterday. Loved re-reading it again, posting again. Here’s the link to the original post and the comments. 


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4 thoughts on “(I think) I’m in love”

  1. After reading it i really feel each city has a smell associated with it….and the air communicates differently in each. Coming to Bombay now…hmmm 🤔 …i would like to use word ‘aroma’ instead of ‘smell’! Aroma of life !! 😊 …thoughts?

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  2. Seems to be a lovely book…😎
    And oh yes each city has a different smell… for sure.. Chandigarh has this open.. full of life .. you get off the plane and it hits you straight away..

    And as the comment above I will also say aroma…😀

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