Naam Shabana & Baby

A group of us ( we are a let’s-go-watch-every-film-kind of people) went to watch Baby, on high recommendation from a common friend. After the initial 15-20 minutes, we saw that those recliner seats behind us were not occupied, so all of us trooped in to a seat each, put our legs up and slept off … I never knew until I watched Baby again for Rana this time that the girl from Pink, Taapsee Pannu and Rana were part of that film then. That was the interest level the film had for me or that I was too tired that the recliner lulled me into sleep. But, the fact is Baby put all of us to sleep during that show. The recommender also had a earful for guiding us to the theatre! 

I am a sucker for these thriller films, but Baby never worked for me. Neither did Naam Shabana. But I loved Special 26. And that’s the exact reason why I looked forward to, went and watched Rustom because after A Wednesday I’ve always looked forward to a Neeraj Pandey film. Rustom turned out to be melodramatic on screen and dramatic during the National Awards! Anyways! 


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9 thoughts on “Naam Shabana & Baby”

      1. Haha…i liked ‘a wednesday’ a lot! Tight script and great performances!! And special 26 i loved it for anupam kher!! And of course the story!


          1. Poor manoj bajpai!! And that 100 rupee note incident!! 😁 Jimmy shergill was outstanding in both!! Infact i like him in most of his movies (even if he has a cameo like munna bhai mbbs)…

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    1. Yeah mohabattein all 4 were crap…but since then he has improved a lot esp in recent years! In mohabattein the real hero was big b!! And that last standoff scene between him and srk! 😊


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