Monday Motivation

I’d say, ask the flower! the flower knows its deepest feelings… Unless one of us humans have hypnotised it and found out there isn’t any competition spirit among flowers of the same shrub, or inter shrubs like between those multiple roses that bloom together … 😎 

If that sounds ridiculous, so does competition and comparison. There is a reason we all know a set of common things, have read the same books and have certain similar thoughts – same syllabus, school board, university perhaps. But beyond that we are all different… Why compare and compete with others, when we have our own past selves to beat…

#mondaygyaan over 


Published by

pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

5 thoughts on “Monday Motivation”

      1. Right… we need to get over that ‘Sharma ji ka beta’ mentality! 😁😁 but jokes apart….isnt it inherent to human nature? To compete and compare and always be dissatisfied with what you have already.


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