My Filmy Week 

By now, I have even watched a Telugu film starring Prabhas, have watched the “ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga” confrontational sequence between Rana and Ranbir Kapoor in Ye Jewaani Hai Deewani, rewatched Baby to see him fight. You should know, I slept through Baby in the theatre in one of those comfy chairs after the Istanbul shots were done. I didnt feel like watching Gazia Attack, but I wanted to watch Rana as Fahad Faasil in Bangalore Days but couldn’t find  a print.

But still I don’t feel like watching the Baahubali Conclusion. I feel The Beginning did such a good job to position the idea of the fictitiulous kingdom and its lineage troubles in the audience nationwide, that the second film can just add on to… 


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15 thoughts on “My Filmy Week ”

          1. Company i guess!!
            If company is good then film doesn’t matter!! If film is good then good…if it’s bad still it feels good to bash it with friends! 😁😁😛😛
            Since no company then second question, is the film worth it? So much hype around it that i feel tempted but catch is spending so much time and that too alone risks backfire!! 😁

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