The Bombay anytime snack

Of course, the vada pav also has a history.

Land in Bombay in the wee hours of the morning, there’ll always be a vada pav and tea stall open, nearby. Late for somewhere, but hungry… Grab a vada pav. It again comes to the tummy and walley rescue. It is one of those on the move edibles, the Indian cousin of the burger, smaller in size, easy to eat and the best part which I love, nothing protrudes the other way when I bite into it from one side 😊😊 (that does not mean I don’t like burgers. I love burgers, but I love to eat it in the comforts of my room, not caring whether the mayo is dropping on the plate or my tee or that my hands are getting dirty…) At times, I take a knife. Cut the burger up into smaller bits, so it becomes easier to hold in my little hands (oh yes, I have small fingers, people who have met me can vouch for that) so that said, let’s come back to the vada pav. 

I wanted to share this video Vada Pav Inc. 

PS: If you are in Hyderabad, step into Universal Bakery. They serve these humongous chicken burgers… Yummmies! 


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14 thoughts on “The Bombay anytime snack”

  1. woah!!
    we get the batata vada here, and its called aloo gunda, aloo chop etc…
    i tried making vada pav at home, it was nice, but i am sure the Mumbai one would have that X factor….. those spices and chutneys……

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  2. I have no idea about the dishes you have mentioned. But, in our area, parippu vada and tea make good combination. It is available in any tea-shop. A parippu vada and tea cost you only about fifteen rupees.


    1. Parippu vada and tea coffee always is beautiful combination.

      The vada in the vada pav, is aloo (potato) bonda/patis, pav is a kind of bread. Aloo bonda is sandwiched between the pav coated with a powdery red chilli-garlic chutney makes the vada pav. There are variations, instead of aloo bonda if it is samosa it becomes samosa pav, if aloo bhaajji is used it becomes the bhajji pav, omelette pav.. So on and so forth

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