Marx is 199 today! if not for him.. 

One day in the evening as I returned home in the bus, I sat on a seat reserved for senior citizens and started reading. A couple of stops later, somebody tapped on my shoulder from behind,

“Do you want to sit towards the aisle or do you mind shifting towards the window seat.”

I was ashamed for a moment because I sat down with the intention that I would get up when a senior citizen came in and here was an older gentleman who was standing behind me for more than a couple of stops, until the other gentleman next to me got off! In the guilt “why didn’t you tap me earlier, I did not realize you were standing all this while,” I said.

Pat came the reply “You were reading Marx.” A double emphasis and reverence on Marx….

Source: The Commute


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An Aquarius Woman

4 thoughts on “Marx is 199 today! if not for him.. ”

      1. there’s no way around…I remember the old man said me “don’t want to disturb you…”…the elders–our grandpas and grannies–sometimes I think belongs to a different planet…


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