Marx is 199 today! if not for him.. 

One day in the evening as I returned home in the bus, I sat on a seat reserved for senior citizens and started reading. A couple of stops later, somebody tapped on my shoulder from behind,

“Do you want to sit towards the aisle or do you mind shifting towards the window seat.”

I was ashamed for a moment because I sat down with the intention that I would get up when a senior citizen came in and here was an older gentleman who was standing behind me for more than a couple of stops, until the other gentleman next to me got off! In the guilt “why didn’t you tap me earlier, I did not realize you were standing all this while,” I said.

Pat came the reply “You were reading Marx.” A double emphasis and reverence on Marx….

Source: The Commute


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5 thoughts on “Marx is 199 today! if not for him.. ”

      1. there’s no way around…I remember the old man said me “don’t want to disturb you…”…the elders–our grandpas and grannies–sometimes I think belongs to a different planet…


  1. I remember this very funny incident narrated by Dr.PK Rajasekaran during the course of his lecture on Kerala…

    There was a Ramayana Parayanam event going on in one of the temples in Kerala..
    The organizing committee, I guess RSS, put up a huge hoarding of LORD RAMA on one of the branches of the temple’s Banyan Tree so that people could see and attend the event…Taking this as an insult, the Communist Party members, in the spirit of one upmanship, raised another equally big hoarding of KARL MARX placing it right next to the hoarding of LORD RAMA. One of the concerned locals, realizing that it could spark a larger political problem, alerted the police and requested them to remove both the hoardings to avoid political violence. The Police was more than happy to oblige. They filed a case and brought down both the hoardings and took them along to the Police station.

    The many devotees who came to attend the Parayanam had no clue as to what was going on. When asked, one of those unsuspecting Grandmothers who had witnessed all this replied thus: “Arinjillayo? Aaalel irunna SREERAMANEM Pinney VALMIKIYEM Police Pidichondu Poyi!!!

    When the professor later met one of the ecstatic Communist Party member and enquired why he was so happy, pat came his reply: “Entey Jeevitham Dhanyamaayi” “Ini njan marichalum enikku oru Vishamavum illa” When the Professor asked him why he said:”Karanam, INNU NJAN KARL MARXINEY JAAMYATTHIL IRAKKI!!”(He had retrieved the hoarding that day.) INGANEY ORU BHAGYAM STALINU POLUM KITTI KAANILLA!!

    Marx lives on as Valmiki in some parts and as Santa Clause in some other parts of the world!


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