Justice …

A group of men brutally rape a woman in inhuman ways in a moving vehicle, leave her to die on the road. While the woman dies in hospital during treatment, the men are caught, and today the Supreme Court has upheld their death sentence. A group of men she grew up with in the same village, slaughter all her family members, rape the women in her group, smash her little daughter’ head on the rock, rape her many times overs and leave her for dead, naked on the road. She survived and went to court for justice. The Bombay High Court upheld the decision of life imprisonment of the 11 accused …. 

The question is, are the death & life sentences a sufficient enough punishment for such heinous crimes? What if they were to rot in hell… I don’t know what rotting in hell exactly means, but hell seems to be the most difficult of places in a mythic universe to survive and the most inhuman of punishments to bear. 

Death seems to be a very mild punishment compared to what the girl may have gone through during her ordeal! And a jail term seems to easy a time for those men who killed and raped in the name of religious hate.

The imbalance of it all… 
Justice … 


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45 thoughts on “Justice …”

        1. The juvenile justice system should be revised so that serious crimes committed by juveniles are viewed in relation to the crime and not on the age. Besides, the modern teenager is more intelligent and is capable of differentiating between good and bad behaviour.

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          1. When it comes to laws, it is about a generalization. A majority. Now the question do all of today’s kids fall into the majority good or minority deviant category! Age shouldn’t be the criteria… But that said..

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  1. On the contrary, I believe death sentence is the only punishment these devils fear in their life. When the death sentence is commuted to life, some seven years later, some crafty politician pronounces general amnesty and the devil is set free. As per newspaper reports, the same wretch doesn’t hesitate to repeat the crime again. Besides, the life and security of the witnesses are also at stake.


    1. It is only if they have their life they can live and “enjoy” death takes away that chance, and nobody has come back from the dead to say there is rebirth.

      There is a Malayalam film, DQ in the lead about a man – rapist murder who is released from his sentence early because of good behaviour, and begins to commit crimes again. “Theevram”

      There may be a few cases who restart a life outside crime. But the tendency is to follow a habit, if these heinous crimes are their habits, they die hard ..!😓

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  2. BRILLIANT verdict .. BUT my issue is its taken 5 years .. Should have happened a bit earlier.. The people involved did not have any right to breadth a single day after the crime was done.. They did not deserve to live. but they lived for 5 years which is a shame to Humankind…

    sorry if I sound too harsh…

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  3. I agree that death seems too easy for them and living in hell would be a fitting punishment but here we are looking at justice -it is only fair that they pay with their lives as Nirbhaya had done . This is the only way her parents can find closure ….

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  4. It took so long but justice finally prevailed. However the juvenile goes scot-free…Who knows how many lives he will ruin in the years to come!


  5. Mild? Death according to me is the most easy punishment. It’s not even a punishment. I am not happy with this decision. I wish they could feel what she would have felt that day. I wish for once we could make them feel that. What they did is unforgivable and nothing has changed since then. Rapes are still happening. It is so disturbing.

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    1. Nothing seems to have change. A rape in a moving vehicle was reported the very next week after this. What has happened is the media has become interested in exposing more such cases, so we all know.. but talking about the media, one needs to be careful.. because nothing is bias-free

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  6. All these makes me scared as a mom of a girl. Scared where am I raising my child, how she can survive in such society. No where seems protected. School, bus, shops , during travel, during playing, neighbor..no where


  7. Reblogged this on Words and Notion and commented:
    Castrate these dirty creeps. These demons should never think about raping another woman.

    Even then, can it balance the crime? Can it help the victim to recover from the trauma?

    Imprisonment or Capital punishment is in a way rescuing him. So let him live facing the world, without his instruments of destruction. And be a shocking brainwave for future rapists.

    This might be an uncivilized thought. But do they deserve anything lesser?

    What else can be done on their inner evil thoughts and acts while their crimes bother them the very least?

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              1. Sathyam. But athu parayumbol Kore per opposition kond Varum. Rules strict aayal oruthanum dhairyapedoola. Ith athallallo avastha. They get away with little or no punishment. Aa kapada swamykk kittiyath pole venam. Athinde ripple effect aayitt ini kurach naal oru cheriya pedi kaanum aayirikkum.


  8. There are many who think capital punishment should not be given..But I personally feel they should be killed inch by inch, they need to know what that poor lady suffered…
    And every mother would feel a lot safer….

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    1. They should undergo an inch by inch torture just like their corrupted minds inflicted on that girl! And it should be a lesson to everybody who intends to dreams of such!


    1. Athe! And like rima’s character did in 22FK. Pakshe ippol kando, the amma is standing against the daughter calling her mentally deranged and influenced by the boyfriend. Plate marichu! Enthokke entho!

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