Take-off (2017)|Mahesh Narayan|Parvathy, Kunchacko Boban, Fahad Faasil

Takeoff is a well made film in all its departments, conceived, and executed well by its technicians and actors. The only problem I had with the film was, to me, it seemed more like a documentary, which is also is a way of filmmaking. There is no doubt the film will amass awards, Parvathy, in particular, who has held the film together from start to end. I loved Fahad Faasil’s role as the Indian Ambassador, Manoj Abraham, the best among the key characters. 

Takeoff is a Malayalam film released in 2017 based on true events surrounding the rescue of 46 nurses held hostage in Tikrit, Iraq in 2014. The film on top of that, is a tribute to late Rajesh Pillai (d. March 2016) the director who gave Malayalees, Traffic, touted to be the film that changed film making in Malayalam in recent times. 


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8 thoughts on “Take-off (2017)|Mahesh Narayan|Parvathy, Kunchacko Boban, Fahad Faasil”

  1. This movie stood out for its accurate portrayal of a real incident….
    I was wondering how could they turn a hijack and rescue into an engaging film onscreen because its in the middle east, helpless women, explosions, armies, their society, places and international terms used. Yes one may find the first half a bit draggy but it accurately portrays a woman’s struggle within her society to get what she desires..and in the second half her struggles in an alien land to just survive….Things revolve around Parvathy!!

    The way they did that was really convincing…
    .And everything they showed was historically accurate….The Yazidi Minority Lady Doctor, The Malayali ISIS fighter, Hospital becoming a No Fire Zone, UNPKF Food Package Drop, The satellite phone, Death of Bangladeshi Nurses, The decision making involved, The war torn Iraq, The Are they all muslims scrutiny and more importantly the Saudi Hand and the Hand of the Businessman…..Beautiful and Precise…..

    And to do this all on a shoe string budget and still come out with flying colors is amazing. .Normally Indian movies depicting historical incidents veer away by going over the top or becoming inaccurate at the end….example Airlift and Akshay Kumar’s one man show.But here the goosebumps you get when the nurses reach the border is natural than the forced national anthem singing at the beginning….Director deserves praise for


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